The Addiction by Baron Darkside

The Baron - The Addiction - Part 2 - On a Collision Course

Part Two – On a Collision Course

The urgent need for gratification had decreased to the intensity of a throbbing ache inside her greedy cunt as she tossed the vibrator down. Slowly, her breathing returned to some semblance of normalcy. But even now, she was still tenderly fondling her hyper-sensitive clitoris. God, I am deranged, she thought. She had just climaxed and now only seconds later, she was fondling herself again. But it felt so good :: Read the rest of this entry »

The Addiction by Baron Darkside

The Addiction by Baron Darkside - Part One - A Tale of Incest

Part One: A near Miss…

A Tale of Incest

They had met in college. Donald had been the handsome, young business major who was out to own the world and she had been the buxom, young lawyer to be that was going to right all of the world’s injustices.Everyone had called them the perfect couple when they had married. Then after college, reality set in. She had always known that she had an abnormal sex drive, but when she and Donald had first married, they had made love two or three times a day. She thought she had finally found the answer to her dreams :: Read the rest of this entry »


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